Before and after Intense Brow(n)s, the new, patented, FDA-compliant brow tinting service for...

Before and after Intense Brow(n)s, the new, patented, FDA-compliant brow tinting service for salons.

It isn’t often that something genuinely new and different comes along in the pro beauty world, but this one’s a breakthrough. The new Intense Brow(n)s system from RefectoCil lets you tint clients’ brows with an FDA-compliant formula that makes this service safe and legal in the salon. At last, no tinting on the sly by you or your clients—now you can offer these services out in the open, generate new revenue and put the finishing touches on color customers and those with skimpy brows. Intrigued? Here are seven important things to know about Intense Brow(n)s.


The FDA Has Blessed This System

The three-part Intense Brow(n)s system includes an Intensifying Primer, tinted Base Gel and Activator Gel. The latter contains silver nitrate that locks in the tint. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) amended the color additive regulations to provide for the safe use of silver nitrate as a color additive in professional-use only cosmetics to color eyebrows and eyelashes. The upshot? You can be in the brow and lash tinting business as soon as you order and receive your first Intense Brow(n)s kit!

“Often, stylists tend to use leftover hair color on a client’s brows, which is not good for the face, and doesn’t generate extra revenue,” says Chrissie Paraschos, Director of Education & Lead RefectoCil Trainer. “This quick and easy add-on service, which can be performed when a client’s color is processing, gives stylists a special new offering that can be done safely and profitably.”

It's Backed by Brow and Lash Experts

RefectoCil is the brand behind Intense Brow(n)s and this Austrian-based group brings decades of experience in lash and brow products to the table. Working with its own scientists along with independent advisors in cosmetic chemistry, RefectoCil is first to the finish line with this safe, compliant brow and lash tinting product.

Intense Brow(n)s Are Vegan

Today’s customers are super vigilant about the products they use on their skin and hair. So you can assure them that Intense Brow(n)s are vegan, as well as dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested (but not on animals!) They’re also suitable for allergy sufferers and individuals with sensitive skin.

It Takes About a Day to Learn

“It takes a day of training to understand the system and its protocols,” says Paraschos. “It’s not hard to grasp, but it does require practice. We recommend hands-on practice, to be able to best achieve the three different techniques that you can achieve. We have a wealth of educational information on, there are lots of webinars and online courses are coming soon.”

It's an Artistic Service

Intense Brow(n)s require an eye for design, which makes it perfect for the brow-obsessed client. “This is a specialty service,” notes Paraschos. “It’s a customized, semi-permanent makeup effect for fuller-looking brows. You are shaping the brow and staining the skin. You get intense and natural-looking results that last up to six weeks. That’s why you should charge accordingly—anywhere from $40 to $60 per service.”

Intense Brow(n)s offer a shape and a shade for every client.

Intense Brow(n)s offer a shape and a shade for every client.

There are Four Shades

How now brown brow! The Intense Brow(n)s collection comes in four shades: ash brown, a cool and ashy brown; chocolate brown, a medium brown with a warm undertone; deep brown, a dark brown for striking effects and black brown for extremely dark lashes and dramatic brows. This range offers something for every hair color and skin tone. 

There are Three Techniques

You can create three distinct results using the three Intense Brow(n) techniques. The Brow Filling Technique helps you fill and contour brows. The Ombre Shading Technique produces a natural, feathery result. And for brow-istas who love a dramatic effect, the Full Brow Technique creates an intense look.

A New Way for Salons to Earn More Revenue
A New Way for Salons to Earn More Revenue

“Brows complete the face and this is a way to provide a total look for your client,” says Paraschos. “You can complement a fresh hair color service and perform the service while the color is processing. For clients with scanty brows, the skin staining creates a fuller effect. So far, everyone who has tried Intense Brow(n) has loved it!”

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