LEAF + FLOWER, the first CBD brand with a highly active proprietary cannabinoid blend (CBD, CBC and CBG), recently launched the LEAF + FLOWER Instant Curl Line. The line consists of Instant Curl Refresh Shampoo, Instant Curl Repair Conditioner, and Instant Curl Defining Cream. These alcohol-free products repair breakage, reduce porosity, and defrizz and control curls without the crunch.

LEAF + FLOWER has launched their Instant Curl line, which uses CBD and other cannabinoids to...

LEAF + FLOWER has launched their Instant Curl line, which uses CBD and other cannabinoids to repair and protect curls.

Courtesy of LEAF + FLOWER

All LEAF + FLOWER Instant Curl formulations utilize a cutting-edge proprietary CBD Corrective Complex that combines CBD with other key cannabinoids, including CBC and CBG, under high pressure and extremely low temperatures to isolate, preserve and maintain efficacy. This extraction yields a unique formula that helps restore perfect homeostasis to the scalp, resulting in stronger hair follicles and thus fuller, healthier, more predicable hair.

“LEAF + FLOWER Instant Curl is the perfect complement to our existing brand, providing stylists a wide range of in-salon services and products to treat all hair types and needs,” says Joe Lamana, Global Director of LEAF + FLOWER. “Curls require both strengthening and hydration, and this line helps repair and replenish from the inside out, leaving curly clients with healthier, defined texture.”

Due to the natural curved structure that forms curly hair, it becomes physically difficult for natural moisture at the scalp to travel through the roots to the ends. The result is an excessive amount of oil at the scalp and curls can become dry and susceptible to breakage due to lack of moisture. LEAF + FLOWER Instant Curl corrects these issues with an innovative solution that combines bioactive complexes with vital cannabinoids, resulting in hair that is repaired and rejuvenated, with curls that are smoother and more defined.

LEAF + FLOWER CBD Instant Curl Refresh Shampoo and Repair Conditioner are specifically formulated to work in concert to distribute essential moisture from the scalp to the tips of each strand, halting the progressive degeneration of the hair and restoring balance essential for healthy curl formation. An exclusive cleansing system gently invigorates follicle glands, trapping and removing excess sebum, mineral and product build up, leaving natural lipids intact. CBD molecules absorb into damaged areas, smoothing out inter-fiber friction to stabilize hydration for curls that are refreshed, weightless and bouncy. Then, an infusion of bioactive phytosterols travel down the curvature of each strand, delivering repair deep inside the fiber to strengthen the structural integrity responsible for naturally resilient frizz-free curls while also replenishing hydrolipidic film for improved shape and long-lasting hydration.

LEAF + FLOWER CBD Instant Curl Defining Cream is alcohol-free and engineered to enhance and fortify curls, locking in shape with a long-lasting flexible hold while allowing for natural movement without stickiness, build up or crunch. An exclusive bio adhesive polysaccharide improves hydration within the coiled fibers by replenishing and retaining lubricity in curl bonds that have been gradually lost over time. Working in conjunction with active adaptogens, these technologies then embed into the cuticle and adhere to the gaps, reinforcing and counteracting fragile conditions in the curvature structure. This resets and preserves the curved shape, providing additional support for remarkably enhanced spirals that are smooth, defined and resilient.

LEAF + FLOWER Instand Curl products are available for purchase at leafandflower.com.

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