Bianca Donahue (, an accomplished Ulta Beauty Elite Stylist of Rockford, IL, has an illustrious career that takes her all over the country. Donahue is an important member of the talented Ulta Beauty Design Team, named 2022 NAHA Team of the Year, which means she gets to work on a wide array of special hair projects as she travels across the U.S. A master of all things curls, color and extensions, she loves taking care of her home clients, too.

Join us as we explore a day in Bianca Donahue's life:

6:15-6:30 AM: I wake up around this time to get my kids ready for school and start my day. 

7:30 AM: This is school time and it’s time to drop off three out of my four kids.

8:00-10:00 AM: I usually use this time to feed my two year old breakfast, make my coffee, shower, and prepare for work. Also, some days are less chaotic than others and I’ll squeeze a 15-20 minute workout in here as well. 

10:15 AM: It’s time to head to the salon. My rides to work are typically uplifting and motivational to help me mentally prepare for the day ahead.

10:30-11:00 AM: I arrive at work and spend the first 15 mins preparing for my guests, I also print out and review my daily appointment schedule. This allows me to track my guests and helps me achieve my monetary goals.

11:00 AM-2:00 PM: I'm usually doing quick services to prepare for my evening rush. 

2:30 PM: I’m taking lunch around this time. As any hairstylist, I’ve learned to eat with urgency. TV dinners, leftovers, and quick Target runs to grab whatever is most convenient is how I usually spend my lunch. 

3:00-7:30 PM: This is typically my busiest part of the day. After-school or work guests love these apppointment spots (This is why I take an early lunch.) 

7:30 PM: Around this time I’m sanitizing and cleaning the salon, and then it’s time to clock out and head home. 

8:00 PM: My family has probably eaten dinner by now, so I either have leftovers or eat what’s most convenient for the day's festivities. 

9:00-11:00 PM: I use this time to reflect on the day. Taking a shower, reading, and watching a movie are all things I do for quick self-care after a busy day in the salon. I’ll also spend about 15 minutes creating a to do list for the day or weeks approaching. Usually by 11 PM I’m ready to shut my eyes and prepare to do it all again tomorrow!

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