Leonardo Valencia (@leo.valencia) is a top performing, six-figure ULTA Beauty stylist in the Houston, TX area. Known for his exceptional color and styling skills that have set him apart and taken his career to the next level, Valencia is a proud leading member of the ULTA Beauty Design Team, named 2022 NAHA Team of the Year. Valencia attributes his success to celebrating every guest in his chair and his mentorship opportunities at ULTA Beauty. Valencia is committed to supporting his fellow service professionals as they elevate themselves within their professional beauty careers. Join us as we explore a typical day in his life.

Leonardo Valencia credits his success to his dedication to his clients, as well as the...

Leonardo Valencia credits his success to his dedication to his clients, as well as the mentorship he has received while working at ULTA.

A Day in the Life of Leonardo Valencia

7:30 AM: I like to pretend this is the time that I wake up, but I usually hit the snooze button way too many times and have to rush out of bed!

8 AM: I take my fur child on his daily 20 minute walk every morning. I take this time to set my intentions and affirmations for the day.

8:30 AM: I take a quick shower, brush my teeth and then it’s brows and sunscreen (Supergoop is my current fav).  I pick out my outfit the night before, so usually it’s just picking out what shoes and jewelry I’m going to wear. I get my Starbucks order in and kiss my partner good morning, even though he sleeps like a rock.

9-9:15 AM: This is when I play my game of “will my mobile order be ready or not” on my way to work. I touch base with my manager on duty, letting them know what my goals are for the day and if there are any other projects that I have on the side with ULTA Beauty Design Team that I have to schedule in.

9:30 AM: I start taking my clients before the store opens to have an easy flow to the day before the mad rush. It has been so nice to have more of a one-on-one feel, and it also gives me another opportunity to take more guests.

11:30AM: I take a 30-minute lunch that I schedule between processing times to help maximize my schedule whilst prioritizing my health. It’s usually a DoorDash order or a text to my partner Brian asking him to have something delivered to me so I can finish my guest’s color application. The real fuel is Starbucks #2 thanks to our amazing guest coordinator.

1-7 PM: This is usually the mad rush! This is the time where most of the team is super busy, but we always make time to check in on each other and help figure out our crazy formulations when we are too frazzled to think. We have an amazing clientele and we have developed an easygoing vibe in the salon, so everyone talks to each other.

8 PM: I usually get home around this time and I’m very fortunate that I only work six minutes from my house. It’s usually loud upbeat music or an audio book to decompress. I ask my partner if we are making dinner or ordering in. If it’s up to me, it’s either pasta or sushi. We catch up about our day and make sure the pup gets his evening walk.

9:30 PM: I recently took up running again, and if I don’t use the treadmill at home, we will go to our local park and get some fresh air.

10:30-11 PM: We try to be in bed by this time, and that’s usually when I do my social posting and watch a show before bed.

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