Jalia Pettis, the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) winner of the 2022 Makeup Artist of the Year title, is a dual-licensed session stylist, educator, and entrepreneur. Pettis launched 3Jay Productions, a beauty, fashion, and branding agency, while also being a busy professional working in editorial, film, and television. She is an inspirational figure in the professional beauty industry, whose work and example motivates and empowers.  

Jalia Pettis

Jalia Pettis

 “I wear many hats so no one day is the same for me—but that is the beautiful life of a creative entrepreneur!” Pettis says. 

And we would agree. Join us as we follow Pettis during a day in her life.  

A Day in the Life

6:30 - 8:00 am: I wake up, read my devotional for daily inspiration, go through notifications on my phone a bit, double-check my kit to make sure I didn’t forget anything, shower, get dressed and take my daughter to school.

It is my practice to pack my kit --based on the client-- the day prior and to set my bags near the door.  That way I can grab and go.

8:30  am:  Arrive to set, greet the team and head straight to my designated workstation. It is important that I set up both hair and makeup in a manner that helps me work quickly and efficiently. All disposables and hot tools are on and easily accessible. I lay out my reference photos and call sheet which helps me keep my day organized.

9:00  –  10:30  am:  Prep talent’s hair and makeup based on the concept or look desired. I also check with the photographer halfway through to ensure we are on the same page as the look progresses.

10:30 am – 12:30 pm: Bring talent to set and the magic begins! It is my job to be attentive to misplacements of hair or shine on the skin. This is not the time to be on my phone, taking behind the scenes  photos for social media, especially when the project is for commercial, advertorial or film/tv.

Jalia Pettis onset

Jalia Pettis onset

12:30  –  1:30 pm:  Lunch. They say you have an hour but being a Session Stylist, you normally get called back from lunch before everyone else so that talent is ready to jump back in front of the camera.

This is my time to multitask by eating, checking missed messages or calls and making sure one of my boys knows to pick up my daughter.

1:30  –  2:00 pm:  Transition talents next look. It is important I do this quickly; it is better I wait on the team than the team wait on  me. Normally I have a bit more time if the schedule isn’t tight but most times it is best to put the finishing touches on talent while they are on set and the crew is making last minute lighting adjustments.

Jalia Pettis at work

Jalia Pettis at work

2:00  –  4:00 pm:  Talent in front of camera for the next look.  I’m keeping a close watch for hair and skin changes.

4:00  –  5:00 pm:  Transition the talent into the final look of the day. The final look normally takes a bit more time because the energy is dying down. It is my responsibility to make sure I keep the talent in an environment where they can remain inspired.

5:00  –  7:00 pm:  Talent in front of camera for the last look, and I continue to keep a close watch for hair and skin changes.

Pettis won the 2022 NAHA for Makeup Artist of the Year, and she celebrated her win with her sons.

Pettis won the 2022 NAHA for Makeup Artist of the Year, and she celebrated her win with her sons.

Photo courtesy of the Professional Beauty Association (PBA)/ NAHA

JALIA PETTIS CELEBRATING HER NAHA WIN WITH HER TWO SONS. (photo credit: Professional Beauty Association/NAHA.)

7:00  –  7:45 pm:  It’s a wrap. I breakdown my station and travel back home. I move a lot faster cleaning up my station at the end of the day because I remove unused products and tools as we work through the shoot.

7:45  –  8:30 pm:  Arrive home and get all the “tea” from my daughter about her day at school.

I clean all my makeup brushes and give my hair tools a nice Barbicide bath. I don’t like to wait to do my kit clean- up because I never know when the next call will come for another gig. I would rather be prepared and ready to go than to scramble.

8:30  –  10:00 pm:  Shower, eat a light dinner before bed and watch a little TV… which ends up watching me because I fall asleep. 😊

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