The vibrance, creative options, customizability and ease of Schwarzkopf Professional® IGORA VIBRANCE® demi-permanent hair color and the rest of the Schwarzkopf Professional® line gave Lauren Grzeszczak the power to create the color her clients crave. Hair: Lauren Grzeszczak @Designbehindachair)

Lauren Grzeszczak’s passion for hair color is limitless. But the Master Stylist at Cactus Salon in Commack, NY was frustrated with her salon’s color lines—she felt they did not allow her to deliver the highest quality results. “I felt powerless as a colorist,” she admits. Then Lauren and the rest of the pros in the Cactus Salon group got exciting news. The salon was switching to the ultra-versatile IGORA VIBRANCE® demi-permanents, along with the rest of Schwarzkopf Professional® hair color. “I was very excited and ready!” says Lauren, “because Schwarzkopf Professional® is a ‘true colorist’ line.”

“Using Schwarzkopf Professional® IGORA VIBRANCE® has makes me feel much more confident about promising an ideal end result to my clients,” says Lauren Grzeszczak.


The results of working with IGORA VIBRANCE® demi-permanents, she says, have exceeded her expectations. “I love that IGORA VIBRANCE® is just that—vibrant,” she says. “I know that when I use it, I can expect true-to-tone color as well as thorough pigmentation and incredible shine. I love that I can choose to use a gel or a cream depending on the consistency I need for what I’m looking to achieve. I also love that IGORA VIBRANCE®  has such fantastic grey coverage while simultaneously making the hair feel soft and full of shine.”

One of Lauren’s “pain points” with the previous lines was the quality of the chocolate tones. “That was really something the other lines were lacking,” she notes. “But with IGORA VIBRANCE® the chocolate tones are stunning--the best I’ve ever worked with!”

Ultimately, she says, “I felt so often that I needed something which did not exist within the other lines’ capabilities. Switching to IGORA VIBRANCE® has completely erased that issue for me and using Schwarzkopf Professional® has made me feel much more confident about promising an ideal end result to my clients.”


Even though clients are typically unaware of the type of color used in the salon, clients at Cactus Salons have responded positively to Schwarzkopf Professional®.  “I find the longevity of IGORA VIBRANCE® to be a major upgrade and a huge benefit,” says Lauren. “For my clients with extremely thick hair, even leaving our previous demi on for 15+ minutes wouldn’t fully penetrate the cuticle and it washed out after a few shampoos. IGORA VIBRANCE® doesn’t do that. When IGORA VIBRANCE® does begin to oxidize, it still looks beautiful throughout the entire process and really holds onto its core pigment. With my last demis, my clients’ hair became dull and brassy by the time they come in for a refresh. It faded so much faster. They really see the difference! They also love the way it smells. Combined with my own enthusiasm about the switch, they say they feel they are getting a better-quality result.” 


Before and After (hair by Lauren Grzeszczak @Designbehindachair)

Vibrancy is a hallmark of Schwarzkopf Professional® color, and when it comes to the red shades, that vibrancy is off the charts, says Lauren. “I also really appreciate how easy it is to tailor and fine-tune the reds, to get exactly what I want,” she says. For this stunning red refresh, Lauren turned to the following formulas:

Root Refresh: IGORA ROYAL® 7.77 40g + 6.0 10g + 7.55 10g + 15 volume IGORA ROYAL® Oil Developer 

Root to Ends: IGORA VIBRANCE® 40g 7.77 + 10g 7.55 + 10g 7.0 + IGORA VIBRANCE 1.9% (6 Vol.) Activator Gel


Switching color lines is a journey, and Lauren offers some insights into that journey based on her experiences with IGORA VIBRANCE®. “The upgrade was a no-brainer,” she shares. “My previous demis did not hold up nearly as well over time. One of the three I was using was much more translucent and I could never even think to use it to cover grey. Yet I can still achieve translucence with IGORA VIBRANCE® with proper formulation.

“Switching to IGORA VIBRANCE® was very straightforward,” she adds. “My only choices with the previous lines were mixing with a cream developer. Now I love having the choice between gel or cream, so I get the consistency I need for what I’m looking to achieve.”

Once Lauren embraced IGORA VIBRANCE®, moving onto the rest of the Schwarzkopf Professional® line was easy. “IGORA VIBRANCE® really compliments IGORA ROYAL®,” she reveals. “When I use IGORA VIBRANCE® over an IGORA ROYAL® color service, it stays true to the permanent color and also really enriches it. And when I use IGORA ROYAL® and IGORA VIBRANCE® on the mid-lengths and ends, I get a seamless blend that stays true to the color I’m looking to achieve. Having IGORA VIBRANCE® and IGORA ROYAL® together in my color arsenal is an absolute must for me!”

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