At MODERN, we love learning about the stylists, beauty business owners, and gamechangers who make up our community--especially when they have faced difficult circumstances to get where they are today. Lacy Gadegaard-West, Founder and CEO of extension brand Laced Hair, sits at the intersection of all of these. Her popular brand has recently expanded to include extension-friendly haircare, Laced Hair Care (LHC), which works wonderfully for all hair types.

It was these beauty industry innovations that made us want to sit down with Gadegaard-West and find out more about the woman behind the brand, including what inspired her to launch these products that are so pleasing to the hair, whether it grows out of your clients' heads or not! See below for an inspiring and fun Q&A with Laced Hair Care's Founder, Lacy Gadegaard-West.

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Lacy Gadegaard-West, Founder of Laced Hair Extensions and Hair Care

Q: When did you first discover your love for hair?

A: When I was in high school, I used to do my friends’ and my own hair for prom and special occasions. That was back in 1998 - it’s fun to see some of those styles come back full circle into today’s trends. I honestly just have always loved doing hair.

Q: Tell us about how and why you started Laced Hair Extensions.

A: I started Laced Extensions back when I was a stylist at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Extensions were still so new and taboo, so I was mostly doing installs on celebrities and the wealthy. When I got my first extensions installed on myself, it made me feel so empowered and gave me a confidence I hadn’t really experienced before. So I thought, “Every woman needs to feel this confidence and extensions shouldn’t be reserved just for celebrities…everyone should be able to experience them!”

Q: What does the brand mean to you?

A: When I was diagnosed with MS and a brain tumor about 8 years ago, I experienced losing 70% of my hair due to the treatments. While I was fortunate to have access to hair extensions due to my owning Laced Hair, the other women I sat with who were also undergoing chemo and treatments weren’t, and it was clear to me that I had to find a way to help women going through those experiences to gain their confidence back.

That’s where I came up with our Laced Hair Foundation - a registered non-profit that helps to provide hair at no charge to women and girls suffering from hair loss from medical treatments, alopecia, and other diagnoses. Seeing women look and feel confident has been the greatest part of Laced Hair.

Q: What inspired you to create Laced Hair Care (LHC), your new haircare line that’s specifically extension friendly?

A: After 20+ years behind the chair, owning a salon, and owning and running an extension brand for 14+ years, I’ve received thousands of emails, DMs, and customer service messages from clients and stylists about what products are best to care for extensions. I realized I wanted to create a hair care line to help solve those friction points, and that it had to be less about just creating “pretty,” but focused on achieving healthy hair.

Of course, our entire LHC line is carefully crafted to be safe on extensions, and it’s also for those who don’t wear extensions. It’s for anyone who wants clean, high-performing products that help them achieve healthy hair.

Q: What’s your personal favorite LHC product?

A: It’s so hard to choose just one because they’re all so amazing – even the products that we haven’t released yet! I’d have to say that the Scalp Serum is so incredible because I’ve been struggling with postpartum hair loss since my last child, and I’ve seen such an incredible difference in my scalp and hair growth since I started using it. The creamy texture and cooling sensation when I apply it to my scalp feels so luxurious.

The Hydrating Oil has quickly become a fan-favorite because you can see and feel the instant result when using it. This is my essential daily go-to, especially to help hydrate my extensions to keep them healthy and last longer.

The Conditioning Masque is also amazing because while it’s incredibly hydrating, it’s super lightweight and spreads easily such that it can be used daily if one’s hair is thirsty enough.

Q: What are some things you like to do in your free time? How do you de-stress from work?

A: Outside of work, my free time is spent with my family. I have four amazing kids, and my husband and I love to travel and share memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

Destressing is extremely important, especially since I suffer from MS, so keeping up on my pilates is important for me to stay healthy.

I love cooking and am a foodie. Being gluten free has been a fun challenge. I like coming up with recipes that are both delicious and gluten free!

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

A: Focus on doing what you’re good at and don’t be afraid to hire someone for the things you need help with.

Q: Who are some of your favorite creators on social?

A: Sarah Potempa (@sarahpotempa) - I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with her on different occasions and she’s just so creative and brilliant.

Lo Wheeler-Davis (@lo_wheelerdavis) - I’m always inspired by her creativity which is why we co-created our Laced BeachWashed line with her - so others can access Lo’s incredible artistry through extensions!

Q: What is something most people would be surprised to learn about you?

A: Sometimes on social I may come across as a very serious business owner, but my dream would be to be a comedian because I love making people laugh.

Q: What has been the best moment of your career so far?

A: This is a hard one because each milestone has been so incredible. The fact that we continue to innovate in the industry with the best colors, new offerings, and now a hair care line that’s luxurious AND safe for extensions, it feels so good to be able to give people the hair of their dreams whether they wear extensions or not. As a stylist and educator at my core, it’s extremely important to me that people can truly achieve healthy, beautiful hair.

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