In 2023, we focused on “A Day in the Life” of beauty pros using an hourly breakdown of their day. In 2024, we’re going with a Q & A format, with some short answer questions, and a peek into the preferences and point-of-view of some of our favorite artists. 

Morgan Thomas, on stage and educating.

Morgan Thomas, on stage and educating. 

Morgan Thomas (@jadebeautyco) is a suite owner and educator residing in the Chicagoland area. She is a Design.Me artist and Oligo Professional Ambassador specializing in lived-in blondes and editorial styling.

 Educating throughout the United States and Canada, Thomas says she loves expressing her creativity through innovative color techniques and avant-garde styling looks. From the guests in her chair to the students in her classes, she is dedicated to spreading her passion for the industry and uplifting her beauty community.

Thomas was named MODERN SALON’s Indie Pro Artist of the Year in 2023. She was singled out for this special designation by the team at MODERN SALON because, “she embodies inspiration, laughter, and education, and serves as a remarkable ambassador for our industry to the wider world. Her engaging and insightful content makes every stylist feel truly ‘seen’ and keeps us all asking when she’s going to be signed for her own Netflix Special.”

Q & A with Morgan Thomas

Morgan Thomas @jadebeautyco

Morgan Thomas @jadebeautyco

My professional mentors: Nina Tulio, Dawn Bradley, Ben Brown, and Sharon Blaine. 

My guilty pleasures: True Crime documentaries (Editor’s Note: You owe it to yourself to watch her Reel “If Color Correction Was a Documentary.”)


My favorite hair product I can’t live without: Design.ME Quickie.Me Dry Shampoo 

If I hadn't become a hairdresser I would have been: A nurse. 

Every beauty professional should: Practice self-care, whatever that looks like for you! 

Most people would be surprised to learn: I can be quite introverted and am a major homebody. 

Person whose hair I would love to cut/style/color and why: Zendaya, because she’s an icon and seems like she would be such a fun client. 

The best advice I ever received: There is no luck in success, just hard work. 

Favorite streaming service: Netflix 

Favorite social app: Instagram 

Nail polish, gel nails, or natural nails? Dipped polish. And fun fact, dipped polish doesn’t get stained from hair color.

Makeup brushes, beauty sponges, or fingertips? Beauty Sponges, specifically a Beauty Blender.

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