Most salon owners use tiered-pricing to accommodate beginners and allow clients with budget issues to stay in the salon. Is there a way to move clients up the color-pricing tier? At Wavelengths in Santa Fe, New Mexico, co-owner George Menzor says his tiers break at one to five years (associate), five to 10 years (director) and 10 plus years (creative director), so career-established clients naturally prefer more experienced colorists. He also interviews callers and firmly "places" them, based on their needs.

Two Views: Working the Tiers
Kim Hubbard

"When existing clients move up, it's because they overheard a more experienced colorist discussing what they are going to do and why," he adds. Or-they upgraded their own careers.

Kim Hubbard, owner of The Color Experience in Vero Beach, Florida, says her tiered pricing works best for growing her team.

"Clients will move up because they feel comfortable enough to try a new person if they can't get the appointment they want with a lower-priced stylist," she says.

In tough times, as lower-priced stylists get busy, time-pressed clients move up the tier- time is their money.

"When callers have corrective issues or say they have been to three other salons, they also get placed higher up the tier," adds Hubbard.

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