Millennium by Harms Chooses New Name to Reflect Company's GrowthMillennium by Harms Software Inc. is excited to announce that they will officially be known as Millennium Systems International (Millennium S.I.), effective immediately. The name change comes in conjunction with Millennium’s new corporate headquarters, redesigned logo, and the upcoming launch of their new cloud-based salon software platform, Meevo.

“Over the years, as I saw our company continuing to grow and hire amazingly talented people, it became more and more apparent to me that ‘Harms Software’ was a name I created based on my own last name. It represented where we started. It represented me," says Millennium Founder and CEO John Harms.

"With the company growing and evolving, I wanted to unify our brand under the name everyone knows us as because of our great product, Millennium," he continues. "However, we teach ‘systems’ which includes software, but also business education. So, ‘systems’ became more important than ‘software’ to me. I also wanted to pull in the international aspect of our business. Therefore, Millennium Systems International was born. It represents who we are and where we are going. It represents a group of like-minded, passionate people unified under a culture I originally created. But, it’s not about me. It’s about our clients and my employees and our future together.”

It is a very exciting time for the company, but the mission and vision will never change. Millennium’s unique culture, passionate employees, and loyal clients will always be the driving force behind its success, says Harms. The focus will continue to be on Millennium clients, and helping each one achieve his or her dreams through vital business education and support.

Millennium by Harms Chooses New Name to Reflect Company's GrowthJoin MODERN's Beauty Editor Maggie Mulhern as she tours Millennium's new 44,000 square-foot corporate headquarters in New Jersey, or what she dubs as "our industry's nod to Google."

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