PERSONAL STYLE: Fernando Romero, the Bio Ionic ManFernando Romero, Founder and CEO of Bio Ionic

If “dashing” isn’t his middle name, it should be.

Fernando Romero, Founder and CEO of Bio Ionic styling tools, haircare and straightening treatments, has spent his career in beauty and fashion, beginning at the Vidal Sasssoon Salon in Beverly Hills. He would advance from apprentice to International Artistic Director and, ultimately, to President for Salons and Academies in North America.

His hair styling has been featured in the runway shows of Christian Dior, Jean Patou, Ungaro and Kansai and on magazine covers worldwide. Like his mentor, his eye for structure and line have guided him in his designs for hair and styling tools. 

BORN AND RAISED: Acapulco, Mexico 

MY STYLE RIGHT NOW: Modern, Sheek, Colorful


THE COOLEST LOOK I EVER CREATED: A pioneering texture effect, combining perm and straight hair. 

FAVORITE ITEM IN MY WARDROBE: My scarf collection and my shoes.

THE BEST THING ABOUT MY JOB: Passion. I love what I do.

THE TOUGHEST PART OF MY JOB: Convincing people that for every problem there is a solution.

I RELAX BY: Spending time with my family.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Singing and dancing to Salsa or Jazz.

I AM INSPIRED BY: My mentor, Vidal Sassoon.

I BECAME A HAIRDRESSER BECAUSE: I loved architecture. This is what inspired me to create and style hair.



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