Style of the Moment: The Rain Wave

The Rain Wave blends wet and dry textures for a style that demands attention and complements fall fashion. Learn how to create this Style of the Moment in just a few easy steps with L’Oréal Professionnel hairstylist Drew Schaefering.

Rain Wave How-To

1. Apply Texture Expert Expansion Body Activating Mousse to damp hair and blast dry using the natural part of the head.

2. Starting on the left, divide the section in half horizontally and clip the hair out of the way. Blowdry the hair with a flat brush and direct the base flat to the head. Release the top section and blowdry the hair in the same manner. Insert the flat brush from the top of the section, adding tension and blowdry directing the airflow down. Continue blowdrying until the entire head is complete.

3. Starting on the side, subdivide the section horizontally and clip the hair out of the way. Apply a generous amount of Texture Expert Curl Satin Rich Definition Mousse at the base. Smooth it into the hair from the part to the parietal ridge. Use the back of the comb first, then comb through to thoroughly saturate the hair. Continue to release horizontal subsections and apply the product as before, until the section is complete. Work your way around the head and continue to apply the product as before. Make sure to use enough product to saturate the hair and create a wet effect.

4. Clip playing cards along the parietal ridge. Use duckbill clips to keep cards secure and in place. The cards hold the hair flat and block the clips from giving indentations.

5. Move to the side and take the entire section of hair under the card and spray Texture Expert Infinium 3 Strong Hold Working Spray.

6. Next, wrap the entire section around two fingers to form a large pin curl. Massage the pin curl to create extra texture and flat iron. Continue working around the head with the same technique as before. Make sure to work in large sections and continue to spray Infinium 3 to create added texture. Work your way around the hair until complete. Once complete, remove the playing cards.

7. Next, elevate each section loosely and blast with Texture Expert True Grip Texturizing Powder to add texture. Then, massage each section to separate the curls. Continue around the head applying True Grip and messaging each section until the entire head is complete.

8. Next, start expanding the curls by rouging the curls in large sections. Once complete, spray with Infinium 3 to lock in the style.

9. To add shine, spray with Texture Expert Perfect Shimmer Shine Illuminating Mist to the hair above the parietal ridge. Make sure to thoroughly saturate the hair to lock in the wet look.

Check out the video below for a closer look at the techniques and products:

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