Leland Hirsch Answers Four Questions About Colorditioner

4 Questions for Leland Hirsch

As Celeb Luxury launches their Viral Colorditioner with BondFix, we talk with founder Leland Hirsch about the versatile product designed to heal and rebuild compromised hair.

“Slimy” and “broken” are a few of the words Celeb Luxury founder Leland Hirsch uses to describe hair that has gone through multiple lightenings and fashion shades.

To do something about it, Hirsch created Celeb Luxury Viral Colorditioner with BondFix, launching this month. Billed as a “Conditioner-Toner-Color,” it is designed to act as a complement the brand’s Colorwash category. Available in 10 freshly launched shades—Silver, Rose Gold, Coral, Lilac, Turquoise, Green, Red, Magenta, Purple, Blue—Colorditioner with BondFix is designed to strengthen bleached, lightened and fragile hair.

Conditioner-toner-color? Explain.

It’s a total hybrid. In 2 -5 minutes, Colorditioner is a toner, in 20 minutes it’s an in-salon hair color and in just 1 - 2 minutes in the shower it replenishes color. BondFix, the proprietary ingredient, is stable and Colorditioner heals and rebuilds the hair. It looks better, feels better and strengthens the hair so it is 3x stronger.

How can the product be used as a color?

Clients should use Celeb Luxury’s Colorwash for color, then Colorditioner to alter it. Try using the Lavender Colorwash – then to change it up slightly by using Lilac Colorditioner. Celeb Luxury created corresponding colors because it gives the option to shift tone. 

How does the conditioner help compromised hair?

Some clients change the color a lot, causing destruction. When disulfide, hydrogen and ionic bonds are damaged, the hydration and pliability of the hair is damaged. The hair needs a conditioner that rebuilds these bonds and continuously heals the hair. Colorditioner repairs by rebuilding and hydrating structural disulfide, hydrogen and ionic bonds. 

Will the results be noticeable?

It can’t be returned to virgin hair, but this product will improve how hair feels, looks and its porosity level. Colorditioner corrects that slimy feel that comes when you lighten hair.

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