Elyse Rox @Elyserox100

Elyse Rox @Elyserox100

Videos have been the way Elyse Rox showcases her work with bright and brilliant hair color.  Watching her walk through the process is the ultimate eye candy.

Elyse Rox


RockIt Studio, Schaumburg, Illinois

Specialty: Bright hair color videos

Top-performing post: My most engaging post was a video of my gal, Ashley. She had a six-month outgrowth, and her hair was still bright as heck, with four inches of new growth. She had a color melt from fuschia into purple into blue. It was crazy how well it stayed. Of course, she wanted a completely different color—baby blue all over. I had to remove her color, which I hardly ever do, (I usually shift) and it came out amazing! It most likely went viral because of how well the color stayed for six months and the massive color change.

Favorite apps: Photogrid, Film Maker Pro, Facetune

I follow: @Lswbalayage, @Rebeccataylorhair, @fiidnt, @guytang

Elyse Rox @Elyserox100

Elyse Rox @Elyserox100

Pro tip: My forte is videos. I get more engagement on videos then I do on photos. My best advice is to have a helper when filming. Keep your frames to three-seconds a piece. Picking your best cover photo for the video is key.

Hidden talent: I’m a very well-rounded stylist. I pretty much can do anything, but most people want to see my bright color work. I’m known for my brights, but I teach balayage. Kind of funny.

Hidden talent: I’m pretty much a psychologist. I offer the best advice. I’m real, and I don’t sugar coat anything. Besides the great hair my clients receive, they also get a free counseling session.

My audience follows me because: They love watching hair videos. I think some people get some sort of satisfaction, and it’s pleasing to them.

How social media changed my life: It’s changed my life by taking up time in my life. My mornings revolve around getting posts set up for the day. It has also opened the door for opportunities for me. I’m so busy now that I have to move my location and open my own 950-square foot salon just for me to be able to service everyone that I do in my day. I’m in a 120-square foot salon right now, and sometimes I have five people in there.

My first @modernsalon feature: I’ll be honest, I have never been reposted by @modernsalon. I was speaking with someone about a feature on my hot mess express clients but still have yet to see anything from it.


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