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Microblading, a semi permanent (up to two years) form of eyebrow tattoo to achieve a fuller brow, has proved a great way to streamline a makeup routine. For clients who want a similar look but require something a bit less time-intensive (and less expensive),  Katya Dmitrenco, owner and lead artist at KD Brows @kdbrows, says Brow Lamination is a more affordable and painless alternative.  And it's just hitting the US market.

"Brow Lamination is a styling for natural eyebrows and it's completely pain-free," she explains. "It allows you to fix unruly hairs, while achieving a fuller brow, a better shape, and symmetry.  It works like a lash lift or a brow perm."

Katya Dmitrenco, owner and lead artist at KD Brows

Dmitrenco has been specializing in eyebrows for ten years. She's a licensed permanent makeup artist, esthetician and trainer. In addition to that, she created a line of unique permanent makeup tools and supplies. Katya continues to work on developing new techniques and products to help other artists. 

"Brow Lamination originated in Russia and came to the American market about 6 months ago," she adds. "Here at KD Brows, we were actually one of the first ones to bring this treatment to Los Angeles."  Brow Lamination can only be performed by a licensed professional/ cosmetologist. Dmitrenco recommends combining the service with a brow wax service or tinting. 

"We created our own KD Brows Lamination Kit that comes with everything you need to perform this procedure, however, training is a must. And we also offer online brow lamination courses on our website (www.kd-brows.com) so you can learn at your convenicne. Your first kit is included in the course and ships to you!"

  • Brows Lamination lasts up to 6 weeks 
  • Brows Lamination takes up to 45 minutes to perform. 
  • A gap of a month is recommended between brow lamination services. 

How Brow Lamination Works:

Step 1: Clean the brows thoroughly. 

Step 2: Apply KD Brows Step 1 Lifting Solution on the brows for up to 6 minutes (depending on the density of client's brow hairs) to soften the hair, brushing it in the desired direction. 

Step 3. Apply KD Brows Step 2 Fixing Solution. This neutralizer allows the hair follicles to close. 

Step 4: Apply KD Brows Step 3 Nourishing Solution which is a silky serum to hydrate and condition brows. 

Aftercare: Avoid hot showers, products on brows, and exercise for 24 hours in order to keep them dry. After the initial 24 hours, you can wet and cleanse the face with any of your favorite products.

"To ensure the brow hairs stay hydrated, we recommend a simple, natural coating of a few drops of castor oil applied with a Q-tip, once a day," concludes Dmitrenco

To learn more, visit www.kd-brows.com


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