Why Your Salon Needs Text Marketing
Why Your Salon Needs Text Marketing

In a world where clients are finding stylists and inspiration via Instagram, it makes sense that they're also turning to their phones to stay in touch with their salons. According to Small Biz Trends, 54% of consumers want to receive marketing messages through texts, but only 11% of businesses are using text messaging as a part of their marketing strategy.

Hannah Menor is a colorist and owner of Mix Company Salon in San Diego. With nearly 56,000 followers on Instagram, Menor has definitely tuned into technology to showcase her work and connect with her clients. Technology helps the vibrant-color specialist stay connected, and she knew the right salon software would do the same. Last year, Menor switched to Salon Iris software—and she says it's made a huge impact on her business.

"Salon Iris has been such a cool, new, fresh platform to transition for my business," Menor says. "The entire system is used to make it simple and easy for everyone from a single stylists to huge salons full of stylists. There are multiple features the app can do!"

Menor says one of her favorite features of the software is its customizable texts and email marketing. 

"Stylists get emails and texts when a client books," Menor says. "It’s great for knowing any last-minute updates!

According to Adobe, email open rates are between 20 and 30%, but SMS text marketing has a 98% open rate. 

With Salon Iris, upcoming appointment reminders can be delivered automatically to clients by text. Stylists and owners can also save time and cut down on no-shows with the brand's automated text message confirmations. Your clients can reply via text to confirm they'll be coming in, and last-minute openings can be filled. It's also designed to automatically set up birthday texts, remind clients to rebook and more with recurring campaigns.

The brand says there are 7 Reasons Salons Need Text Marketing:

  1. Text marketing is direct
  2. Customers are more likely to respond
  3. Anytime, Anywhere
  4. It's Convenient for Your Customers
  5. We Already Text 
  6. Younger Customers Prefer Texts
  7. It's Cost-Effective and Easy

"Salon Iris has been so easy to navigate and learn," Menor says. "Plus, any time I've needed help, I've contacted Salon Iris and they've been extremely helpful."

In addition to text marketing, Menor says she's also found quite a few other features that help her business.

"Another feature I love is the scheduling," she says. "I tend to sometimes work on my days off, and the Salon Iris app makes it possible to keep your days off, off but, if you do need to schedule a client you can! Last but no least I love my clients and always try to think of ways I can give back to them. Why not with rewards points? Salon Iris will keep track of the clients who want to participate and will help you know when They’re reached enough points towards an incentive you will be giving. If you’re not that type of stylist, don’t worry you have the choice to offer it or not! The salon iris system is great for keeping track of inventory on products and showing reports after a day, week, month, even year!"

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