Emma Roberts/ Hair by Nikki Lee

Emma Roberts/ Hair by Nikki Lee

That client-stylist connection is a powerful one.  Actress Emma Roberts has trusted Nikki Lee, co-owner of celeb hub Nine Zero One salon and co-founder of In Common beauty line, to take her through many shade and shape shifts—from a bobbed brunette, to her red carpet glam, and then to return to a lush, voluminous blonde

Roberts, who stars in the Netflix rom-com, “Holidate,” sports a buttery blonde in the film, created by Lee.

"We make what seems like the impossible happen with drastic color changes with Emma’s hair,” Lee comments. “The reason why it works is she understands the process and that it takes time and patience to go from dark to light over and over again. A lot of clients think these color changes can happen in one appointment and they just can’t. It’s always a collaborative effort as well. As hard as I’m working in the salon to keep her hair healthy she has to do the same at home."

Lee used this formula to create the brilliant blonde:

Highlight: Wella Blondor 20vol and 30vol lifted to a pale yellow 

Root tap: 1oz 6n + 1/2oz 6na Redken Shades EQ

All over toner: 9.02 and clear L’Oreal Dia Light with 6vol. 

Emma Roberts/ Hair by Nikki Lee

Emma Roberts/ Hair by Nikki Lee

Many months later, on the press day promoting “Holidate,” a pregnant Roberts was glowing.  Lee styled her hair for her round of interviews. 

"Everyone knows how much your hair grows during pregnancy, and well, we’re taking full advantage of it!” says Lee.  “Plus we added In Common’s Crystal Cashmere treatment to keep Emma’s hair strong and healthy during her blonding color service. It allows me to create a beautiful buttery blonde with the confidence that her hair will remain healthy."

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