3 Products You Need if You're in the Lash Application Biz

October 16, 2017 | 9:27 AM
NovaLash's Platinum Bond Adhesive
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NovaLash's cleanLASH pads
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NovaLash's 24 Hour Cream Shadows
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Lindsey Rae Joslyn Rohner, NovaLash Trainer and Brand Ambassador tells us her three favorite products she couldn't live without as a professional lash artist.

NovaLash's Platinum Bond Adhesive

“My number one favorite NovaLash product is definitely The Platinum Bond Adhesive. There is nothing else like it on the market. Not only is it instantly water proof and incredibly durable, it is also the only oil proof and oil loving adhesive out there."

"With other brands you have to use all 'oil free' products on your extensions. If you get oil on them, it will break down the adhesive and they will fall off prematurely. Our natural lashes are hair too. Imagine never conditioning the hair on your head with an oil based product, it would become very dry and brittle and more likely to shed very quickly or even break. It's the same idea with your lashes. They need to be conditioned properly and cleaned regularly for best results and long term wear."

*Pro Tip: “When working with Platinum Bond, I like to pre-moisten the natural lashes, just a light mist of purified water over the client’s lashes prior to the application. When you swipe the natural lashes with the Platinum Bond this little bit of moisture will grab ahold of the extensions and adhesive and start to bond immediately. Because the Platinum Bond cures with moisture it is also eliminating any extra fumes from irritating the client’s eyes. So you, the lash artist, are able to work faster and keep your client’s eyes protected and calm. It's a win-win!"

NovaLash cleanLASH pads

“Which brings me to the next product on my list, our cleanLASH pads! These night time only pads are a three in one product. Perfect for a low maintenance beauty routine. Infused with Pomegranate seed oil, cleanLASH will cleanse and condition your lashes, helping them last longer and look better, as well as remove all makeup. Every client should be leaving your salon with a jar of cleanLASH.”

*Pro Tip: “Our cleanLASH pads are so saturated and hydrating some clients can actually cut them in half, especially if they aren't big makeup wearers. This will really make that jar last for them. I also encourage clients to leave any excess oil residue on their skin. It's like a mini eye treatment for that dry delicate skin around your eyes.”

24 Hour Cream Shadows

“I have been obsessed with our 24 Hour Cream Shadow palettes since the day they launched! I am a total makeup junkie and have tried everything out there so of course I couldn't wait to put our shadows and JETLiners to the test. I was completely blown away by the quality of the products."

"Each pallet comes with three cream shadows, one complementary eyeliner, and a dual ended application brush for easy application - a lot of bang for your buck. Not to mention, the packaging is like a mini work of art and inside the box you have step-by-step directions for three different looks to create. Sophy Merszei (CEO and Founder of NovaLash, Inc.) opted for a cream based shadow instead of a traditional powder based one to avoid eyelash extension wearers from getting that dreaded dust all over their extensions, keeping them clean and glossy black. Our cream shadows come in a variety of highly pigmented unique colors. A little bit goes a long way and they blend beautifully with the dual ended brush or even your finger."

"Once you have blended the colors as desired the shadows and liner set or dry in place, and will stay put without any creasing for up to 24 hours. These shadows are waterproof, heat-proof and, sweat-proof making them perfect for all day wear from day to night. I will apply my makeup first thing in the morning, lash clients all day at work, leave work to go to the gym and I'm amazed walking out of an hour long Zumba class to discover my eye makeup looks like I just applied it! This makeup line is incredible!”

*Pro Tip: “If I have extra time at the end of a lash application I will offer to touch up client’s eye makeup complimentary. It's a great way to introduce the products to clients and it's such a nice extra touch at the end of a service. I also love sharing with clients that the brown and black cream shadows can also be worn as a cream liner and as a brow liner.”

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