HOW TO: Miss USA Crown Worthy Curls by CHI's Sara Moreno

Maggie Mulhern | June 20, 2013 | 7:09 AM

HOW TO: Miss USA Crown Worthy Curls by CHI's Sara MorenoIt is no surprise that Erin Brady, the freshly crowned Miss USA, has great hair, but it was Farouk artist Sara Moreno who helped to make that hair crown worthy for the Miss USA competition held this past weekend. Here she offers the HOW TO get the perfect beauty pageant wave:

Step 1: Mist the CHI 44 iron guard to all the hair for thermal protection and brush through.

Step 2: Section the hair into 4 sections: top, left side, right side and back.

Step 3: Beginning in the back area, make 3 subsections and apply CHI MAGNIFED VOLUME FINISHING SPRAY to the subsection.

Step 4: Take 1” strands from the subsection and back comb underneath each strand and curl with the CHI DIGITAL CURLING IRON 1".

Step 5: Keep wrapped to the scalp and secure the curl with a clip and allow to cool.

Step 6: Continue to do this to each section directing the curls to the back to get that sultry volume.

Step 7: Once cooled. release the curls and brush the hair giving direction to the back.

Step 8: Seal and define the style by using a pea size amount of CHI KERATIN SILK INFUSION and CHI PLIABLE POLISH to tame flyaways and finish with the power of CHI MAGNIFIED VOLUME XF HAIRSPRAY and add the royal shine of ROYAL TREATMENT RAPID SHINE for a natural looking finish.

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