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HOW TO: 6 Braided Updos Perfect for Prom and Weddings

Alison Alhamed | May 8, 2013 | 1:45 PM

MODERN Facebook fan Katie Haddon, a stylist at Charisma Salon in Wichita, Kansas, loves creating updos. When she shared these six braided looks with us, we knew we had to track down the how-tos!

"I love doing updos that any stylist can learn to do and ones that don't take very long but look intricate," she says. "I always say: 'With bobby pins, a comb and hairspray, you can do anything!"

NOTE: It's always difficult to explain a braid without a photo for each step, but she did her best! Thanks to Katie for sharing!

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HOW TO: 6 Braided Updos Perfect for Prom and Weddings

TOP LEFT: Create a standard French braid against the head and isolate a 1/2-inch section of hair on the side of it. After you braid, take a tiny strand from the 1/2-inch isolated section and loop it through a bobby pin put through a strand in your braid. Pull part way through, then pull gently as it makes a loop until it as big of a bow as you desire. You can continue this in a spaced out fashion to show more of the braid or put them close together as I did.

HOW TO: 6 Braided Updos Perfect for Prom and Weddings

TOP MIDDLE: Leave out the front half side of hair, put the rest up in high ponytail. Start a French braid with the part you left out and, with each section you add in, begin adding in a slice of the ponytail to the braid. When you run out of hair from the front section, still keep adding hair from the ponytail as you round around the head and finish by tucking the braid in on the top where you started. No one will be able to see where you started or ended!

HOW TO: 6 Braided Updos Perfect for Prom and Weddings

TOP RIGHT: This is a basic fishtail braid but French style! Split the hair in half diagonally across the back and begin on the top right section. French braid across to the left ear and then start incorporating the bottom section. Continue across, tuck in the end and bobby pin.

HOW TO: 6 Braided Updos Perfect for Prom and Weddings

BOTTOM LEFT: Begin by backcombing the top middle section, twist sides back into middle, section off under the poof and braid Dutch style across the poof in the back. Bobby pin to secure. Twist sections randomly underneath the braid as needed to fill space.

HOW TO: 6 Braided Updos Perfect for Prom and Weddings

BOTTOM MIDDLE: Section off the sides above ears diagonally, isolate. Dutch braid down the middle, secure as bottom. Pancake out the braid until it is big and lays flat. Twist the sides across the braid and tuck and pin under the Dutch braid at the bottom. This one is so easy!

HOW TO: 6 Braided Updos Perfect for Prom and Weddings

BOTTOM RIGHT: To create this look, I backcombed the top, curled the ends, then looped the curls together, and bobby pinned as I went. Literally just tied the curls together loosely like you are tying your shoes but without the bow part. Keep tying random ones together and securing as needed. Tying them together makes it look more natural.



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