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Graphic Color

August 30, 2013 | 9:25 AM

Graphic Color


Color: Deb Gavin

Cut: Laurie Haney

Photography: Roberto Ligresti

Make-up: David Maderich for M.A.C. Cosmetics

Fashion styling: Rod Novoa

This season, fashion goes graphic with powerful black and white stripes and prints accenting shapely silhouettes. This creates the perfect backdrop to showcase bold color designs and sleek finishes.

For this MODERN photoshoot, it was the fashion that inspired Deb Gavin, International Artistic Director for Keratin Complex Color Therapy, to create a red-violet finish with pearly copper melted shades for a look that makes a statement.

“This is strong color with lots of variance that can change into a different look with the flick of a comb,” says Gavin who, along with Laurie Haney who created the cut for this session, owns Fresh Hair Studio in Southampton, Pennsylvania. “You can have high contrast and drama but within a soft placement. Diagonal lines allow for a softer blending of colors that is still high impact, but not stripe-y or in your face.”

Graphic Color Graphic Color


Background shade: 30 ml 8R + 20 ml 7RV with 50 ml 20-volume developer
Shade 1: 20 ml 4G + 20 ml 4R with 40 mls 20-volume developer
Shade 2: 10 ml 11G + 30 ml CP Kerahold Therapy with 40 ml 30-volume developer



Graphic Color1. Begin by cleansing the canvas of existing color for a more striking finish. At the nape, take small sections on foil and apply 30 mls It’s a Blonde Thing Powder Lightener + 30 ml 10-volume It’s a Blonde Thing developer. Work to the top of the head and process for 5-10 minutes. Shampoo and condition.

2. Create a diamond shape at the top of the head. Mirror that section and create another below it that is about an inch wide. From that section create vertical subsections to the perimeter.

3. Apply the background shade from scalp to ends in the top diamond shape. In the subsection below, alternate background shade at the scalp, tilting the brush on a diagonal and then blending down into Shade 1.

4. Repeat the application, but blend into Shade 2.

5. In the next slice or subsection, apply the background color from scalp to ends. Repeat that pattern throughout the subsection. Working in the vertical blocks, alternating background scalp to ends in every other subsection.

6. Process for 35 minutes and then shampoo and condition.









Graphic Color1. Begin the cut in the back. Comb down the hair from the occipital. Cut straight across to the desired length. Work up to the crown.

2. Pull up sections from along the rounds, directing to the back. Chip into the ends to add texture, layering at the same time.

3. Comb the hair down from a side parting. Cut to blend the front with the back, angling to leave length toward the face. Chip into the ends for a soft fi nish.

4. Work along the rounds of the head to create layers, blending in to the length. Take 1-inch vertical sections, pull out from the head and cut to connect to the length. Work along the parietal, cutting to blend.

5. Blow dry over a round brush with elevation, creating a soft finish throughout.










Products/ tools

Color: Keratin Complex Color Therapy, It’s a Blonde Thing Lightener

Shampoo/conditioner: Keratin Color Care by Keratin Complex

Stylers: Bold Hold Maximum Finishing Hairspray, Root Lift Spray Gel

Tools: Keratin Complex Heat Therapy Ceramic Ball blow dryer, Stealth 3 Iron

Clips: Keratin Complex

Blush: Cheeky Cream Blush by Butter London

BB Cream: Auraline Beauty

Mascara: Beauty Addicts

Nail color: OPI

Lip color: Body of Royalty

Eye colors: Jane Iredale

Graphic Color

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