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How To: Color Melting and Ombre Formula and Steps

Alison Alhamed | September 27, 2013 | 10:55 AM

How To: Color Melting and Ombre Formula and StepsThanks to Pucci stylist and MODERN Instagram follower @drewjnoreen for sharing this fantastic and MUCH IMPROVED before and after. Here's how he did it:

"So this is one of my regular clients who was in Philly for a month with her mom... They decided to go to a salon and she asked for an ombre with red tones and had a picture as well to clarify what she was looking for.... Clearly, that didn't work out!" he says.

To correct this he used 3 different formulas and the feathering technique Dimitrios Tsioumas demonstrated in his ombre class. "Saw it in the email MODERN SALON sent out!!" he says.

Base: Formula 1: Wella KP (Koleston Perfect) 55/44 + 20 vol. Using a board to help press color in for saturation. "I applied just past the existing line of demarcation."

Mid Shaft: Formula 2: Wella KP 77/43 + 15 vol. Still using the board, he applied to mid shaft area up to formula 1 and then feathered the 2 colors together using the tip of a dry tint brush.

Ends: Formula 3: Wella CT (Color Touch) 0/00 + 6 vol. "Using my hand to press the clear glaze into her ends, I applied up to formula 2 and feathered the 2 colors together with the tint brush."

He processed everything together for 30 minutes with no heat.



Color Inspired by Rachel From "Friends"

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