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HOW-TO: Apply Great Lengths' New Tape-in Extensions

posted by | December 3, 2013 | 1:19 PM
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HOW-TO: Apply Great Lengths' New Tape-in Extensions Great Lengths USA National Artistic Director Darren Brokaw is finding the new GL Apps, the long-awaited tape-in extension offered from Great Lengths, opening the door for more clients and artists to enter the extension market.

“The service, on average, takes about 90 minutes and costs the client $1,600,” says Brokaw. “All of this compared to a five to six hour premium method service with a $3,000 charge.” The Apps need to be reapplied every six to eight weeks (versus three to five months for the premium bonds) and can be re-used up the three times. Consider the service between a “clip in” and a premium “strand by strand.”

GL Apps are made of Great Lengths high quality human hair and available in more than 50 colors. For this MODERN feature, Brokaw demonstrates how to apply and style a full head of GL Apps to add length, volume and dimensional color. The entire technical, including a cut and style, was completed within the promised 90 minutes.

HOW-TO: Apply Great Lengths' New Tape-in Extensions HOW-TO: Apply Great Lengths' New Tape-in Extensions


STEP 1: Blow dry hair to create a smooth surface. Select Apps extensions to be used. Hold up to existing hair to determine which shade to use to create highs and lows.

STEP 2: If hair is blunt, cut into the ends to create a slight texture to better blend with the added hair. The goal is to blur the line with the additional hair to create a seamless blend.

STEP 3: Begin application in the back. Take down a clean parting from the base of the occipital. Hold the Apps close to the head and pull the back tape.

STEP 4: Place the Apps ¼-inch from the scalp.

STEP 5: Press in to secure to the hair.

STEP 6: Using a tweezer, pull the tape from the top of the Apps.

STEP 7: Take a ½-inch section and lay over the top of the previous section, including the taped pieces. Press the natural hair into the tape to secure.

STEP 8: Take a blow dryer on medium heat and hit the taped area for a few seconds for added adhesion.

STEP 9: Continue in to the sides, placing in one-inch sections, or as needed/desired.

STEP 10: Once the Apps are in place, cut the hair. First clean up the line, blending from back to front.

STEP 11: Now go in with a razor and slide cut from the face frame to the lengths.

STEP 12: Then go through with scissors, cutting to refi ne the shape. Take one-inch horizontal sections, hold out and slide cut to blend the natural hair with the Apps.


Extensions: GL Apps by Great Lengths

Shears: Aikyo

Tools: iTech Ultrasonic Heating Razor; Babyliss Prowand; FHI Heat Blower

Brushes: Great Lengths Great Wave

Stylers: Redken Quick Tease; Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal; It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In; KMS California Hair Play; Kenra Platinum Hot Spray

Eyelashes: Ardell

Nails: Gelish

Fashions: Rebecca Taylor

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