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MEN'S HOW-TO: Modern Rocker Pompadour

Modern Salon | May 26, 2015 | 7:43 AM
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“Today’s man is okay slicking back his hair one day and pumping it up into a pompadour the next. He is spending more time on his hair and having fun playing with the shape.”—ROCKY VITELLI

This summer is all about polish, according to Rocky Vitelli, global artistic board member for Farouk Systems.

“Men today are not afraid to mix up their looks,” Vitelli says. “Many are keeping their hair a bit longer to allow for versatility. The typical man is okay slicking back his hair one day and pumping it up into a pompadour the next. He is spending more time on his hair and having fun playing with the shape. There is no longer that cookie-cutter hairstyle just like there is no longer a cookie-cutter suit. It’s okay for a man today to want to be fashionable and to have as much freedom with his hairstyle as with his fashion.”

According to Vitelli, there are three fashionable hair trends this season: inner rocker, a contemporary grunge with polish and texture; progressive/high fashion, a look with a bit more edge and sophistication; and the groomed businessman. “This is not your textbook businessman. This is a gentleman that can wear his hair with texture and shine without raising any eyebrows. There is no longer that fear of being labeled anything other than cool.”

A bit more length and a proper cut is essential for any of these looks. Vitelli incorporates a variety of techniques, including clippers and shears, to define the shape. Once established, he layers product to create a working fabric. “Once the hair is prepped, I use a lot of twisting to allow space throughout the silhouette,” he says. “That element of texture is what gives the organic, natural look.” Vitelli points out that it is up to the professional to help guide the client in proper application of styling aids. “A lot of men need to be educated on product use and the professional is in the perfect position to offer that education.”

Hair: Rocky Vitelli
Photography: Roberto Ligresti
Grooming: David Maderich
Fashion styling: Rod Novoa, assisted by Dennis Pinto

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