Vintage Punk Pony

Maggie Mulhern | September 8, 2016 | 5:38 AM

Karen Cunningham (@_karen_cunninghamhair), National Artist for KMS California, when creating this look, was inspired to create significantly round shapes along the back of the hair, leaving a tiered effect to give off a polished, yet distressed dual texture in the front.

Here she shares the details for her "Vintage Punk Pony" finish:

1.      First, set the hair with hot rollers using KMS California FREESHAPE 2- in-1 styling + finishing spray to create a softer curl.

2.      Next, secure two ponytails, one at the crown and one at the nape.

3.      Use padding made from yaki hair and a hair net (molded into a crescent shape), pin under each of the ponytails. Then, backcomb the ponytail sections to create volume and start smoothing with the tip of a styling brush.  

4.      Next, form the smoothed hair onto the padding and secure.

5.      Tuck ends of pony in crown underneath then, tuck ends of second pony into nape.  

6.      Apply KMS California HAIRPLAY gel wax onto the front veil section for a different polished texture.

7.      Finally, drape the veil section in front, around the back center and secure. Then mold the front pieces for a lived-in look.

For the more textured finish pull some of the hair in the back and massage the ends.


Makeup-Megan Wrigley

Photographer- Andrea Urbanati

Model- Brittany Rose

Hair- Karen Cunningham

Styling- Karen Cunningham

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