The New Minimal Collection by Z.One Concept

Alison Alhamed | September 23, 2016 | 11:59 AM
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Rectangular Mixed: A defined yet soft and blended color is created with four formulas of Milk Shake creative permanent color applied in varying sizes of rectangular sections.
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Double Shade: Multiple color formulas of Milk Shake Creative Permanent Color are applied down the strands in a diagonal application, creating a “reverse double-shading” effect that gives movement, creates softness and allows color to pop.
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Chromatic Scale: Milk Shake creative color is applied in a foiling pattern and then toned and softened with Milk Shake direct color in beige blond, creating a blended fusion with defined movement.
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Essential lines, geometric cuts and monochromatic colors are accentuated in Z.One Concept’s New Minimal collection, which draws inspiration from the spatial composition of Kobro, a polish artist and designer who influenced the avant-garde artistic movement in the ’30s. To contrast the minimalistic backdrop on the shoot’s location, a vintage take on multi-layered styles and soft volume joins natural styling. The fashions are simplified and primary forms and pure colors take centerstage.


Creative director: Andrea Brasola

Hair: Elisa Vidotto, Charmaine Piche Baker, Maurizio Velotti, Milo Bellucci, Carmine Spartano, Diego Avellini, Grazia Basso, Paolo Cristiani, Samantha Favretto, Carlos Lopes, Entrico Mariotti, assisted by Rocco Longobardi, Andrea Croci, Xandra Pardo

Photographer: Kamil Strudzinski, assisted by Viatceslav Pilolli

Fashion stylist: Giacomo Simoni

Makeup artist: Mary Cesardi

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