Pravana Formula: Express Beach Babe by Nikki Lee

Victoria Wurdinger | September 26, 2016 | 1:41 PM
Colorist/stylist: Nikki Lee | Photographer: Sarah Holt | Fashion stylist: Caisa Airmet | Makeup: Griselda Martinez

Pravana artist Nikki Lee elevates the beach-babe blonde look by quickly adding pops of bright strands that would normally require multiple formulations. The new Blonde Wand tool by Pravana makes it possible in seconds.


Natural level 6

Formula 1: Pravana Pure Light Creme Lightener + choice of Pravana Creme Developer, mixed according to directions

Formula 2: 6 parts Pravana Express Tones Clear + 2 parts Gold + 1 part Beige + 1 drop Violet

Formula 3: 2 parts Clear + 1 part Beige

1. Beginning at the front hairline along the sides, take three horizontal-back slices, stitching off the top and applying Formula 1 in foil. NOTE: For this technique, the top of the head is foiled using horizontally folded foils to prevent interference with the remainder of the technique. The Blonde Wand should not be used on foils folded in this way, but only on the foils that are sandwiched flat, not folded.

2. Behind the front hairline and just above the ear, continue taking horizontal slices, stitching off the top. Apply Formula 1 in horizontally folded foils. Work up to the parietal ridge, then repeat on the opposite side.

3. Move to the front hairline and work through the top. Take vertical slices, stitching off the top and applying Formula 1. Also fold these foils horizontally. Continue working into the crown and down to just above the occipital.

4. Now, move to the nape. Take horizontal slices, stitch off the top, backcomb the hair and apply Formula 1 to the remaining strands from the top of the midshaft through the ends. Continue working up the head and in-between the foils through the midshaft and ends of the remaining hair. For this portion of the technique, add a flat foil over the top; do not fold the foils.

5. Now, apply the Blonde Wand to the flat foils, using an elliptical motion as you work up the length of the foils. With each pass on every section, decrease the movement toward the top. This will create a gradient of lightening with the lightest portion of the strand toward the ends where the Blonde Wand was more focused. Once processing is complete, shampoo and condition.

6. Next, move to the back and work up toward the apex and ears, applying Formula 2 to the new growth.

7. Apply Formula 3 to the remaining front hairline. Begin the application at the new growth. Then, working from the back of the head upward, pull the toner through the midshaft to the ends and process five minutes. Rinse well and style as desired.

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