Primsters: Lina Arrojo's Structured Interior, Razored Exterior

Alison Alhamed | February 18, 2013 | 9:52 AM
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Disheveled Darling The natural texture of the hair is the star. Arrojo’s yin and yang of structured exterior and a disheveled interior is used to show how texture is sexy, cool, street––and still easy to wear. The graduated bob with overhanging pieces keeps it casual, and asymmetry and disconnection brings softness to structure. A cocktail of Styling Creme and Curl Control was used to create a strong foundation and an enhanced curl pattern. Hair was air-dried, scrunched and tousled for a “lived-in feel.”
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Bold Chop This chunky layer razor cut creates a soft, jagged line that drifts down the face-frame. In this cut, the techniques were reversed to create a fuller interior for bold fullness and volume. A shattered, dishevelment on the interior with more structure to the outside is the result. Using volume foam as a base for maximum root lift, the hair was blow-dried with hands for a natural feel and a broken shape. Using dry shampoo to add another layer of texture and grit and primp to build up body and hold, the finish is a classic example of the disheveled elegance of a modern mussed up style.
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Weightless Chic For this look, Arrojo found the strong features to be a template to create a strong, built up shape ––which was then pulled apart at the edges to create a weightless feeling that contrasts with the interior structure. The hair was blow-dried with Set and Style spray for a sleek finish with shine. Then, once dry, Cream Wax was used to add contrast, movement and separation.
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Urban Romance The hair’s natural texture was emphasized using Arrojo Curl Enhancer and Styling Whip prior to diffusing with a blow dryer. “This helped to expand and lift up the texture without blowing it out of shape,” Arrojo says. The style was finished with a dab of Hair Creme for a smooth result.
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Face-Framed Countering the interior structure, the loose sides and back are created with asymmetry and disconnection to create space and texture. The focal point here, however, is the fringe. Arrojo created a long, steep face-frame from a heavy bang section to put the most emphasis around the face. A light blast of Hydro Mist leaves the hair soft and pliable. Once dry, layers of dry shampoo are pulsed in, shaking and tousling hair after each pulse to add volume and a gritty, lived-in disheveled feel.
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Primsters, the latest collection from Arrojo master stylist, Lina Arrojo, fashions real people—not models—with cuts to suit the uniqueness of each character. Each style is designed for wearability and the “wash and wear” mentality—perfectly complemented by selected styling products.

The concept of each cut was a structured, technically precise interior using classic skills of the craft. Only then did Arrojo allow herself to deconstruct what she had done, forget all technique, and to experiment, improvise and innovate with shears and razor. The creative work was done on the exterior.

With the foundations in place, Arrojo disheveled, broke up, pulled apart and frayed the edges of each shape. The result is a “perfectly imperfect” hair-focused editorial collection. Loose, beatnik elegance symbolized by the deconstruction in texture and lived-in feel.

“The idea is that these women are not hipsters, rather, they are primsters,” Arrojo says, “girls who like to mix and match but always on the side of prim and proper.”

The collection is a peek at the trends to be debuted at Arrojo Expo, March 10, 2013, in Chicago. Each of the looks will be showcased in a runway presentation—along with a party with DJs and dancing, and a look at a culture that champions excellence.

Attendees will get an up-close looks at the strong technical foundations that allow these masterful deconstructive elements to shine.

Hair: Lina Arrojo, assisted by Rea Winter, Shawnee Seeley and Crystal Jane Gerard
Color: Barton Miller, Mary Ducey, using Goldwell
Photography: Pedro Zoo
Make-up: MaryBeth Pellegrino
Fashion styling: Tina LeNoble

Hair: Lina Arrojo, assisted by Rea Winter, Shawnee Seeley and Crystal Jane Gerard 

Color: Barton Miller, Mary Ducey, using Goldwell

Photography:  Pedro Zoo

Make-up: MaryBeth Pellegrino

Fashion styling: Tina LeNoble

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