Fire-Over-Comb Barbering Technique? The "Singe" CutOk, not to be entirely judgemental, but this is one of the strangest barbering techniques I've ever heard of. In an article posted on MokenaPatch, an online community covering Mokena, Illinois, Dina's Barber Shop groomer uses an open flame and a comb to cut the editor's hair—in a technique called the "Singe Hair Cut."

So, does the barber shop smell of products and Barbicide? Or burnt hair....

When we posted the story on our Facebook page—some fans gave us a little history lesson! Turns out this techique has been around for generations and is actually used more commonly as an alternative to shaving. Interesting.

After we posted the story on Facebook, MODERN fan Crystal Alvis Rivenbark shared her "candle cutting" videos with us. Check out one of her videos of the series below.

Dangerous and gimmicky? Or genius? We'll let you be the judge.