(In Part One--http://www.modernsalon.com/blogs/editors/anne-moratto/The-Beauty-of-Bein... I described the empowering feeling of meeting with elected representatives on Capitol Hill, and talking to them about issues that are important to our industry. In Part Two, the day culminates in a wonderful event on Capitol Hill, Welcome to Our World.)

There’s a Jim Reeves song my father used to sing and it ran through my head on the evening of May 9. I was on Capitol Hill for an event that demonstrates the true beauty of our industry called Welcome to Our Word (WTOW). Established by the Professional Beauty Federation, an organization comprised of professional salon industry companies and associations including AACS, ISBN, ISPA, JCPenney Salons, OPI, PBA, and Sexy Hair, WTOW involves hundreds of salon pros who volunteer their skills and services to this event, offering manicures, haircuts, makeup applications and chair massages to Capitol Hill staffers. WTOW takes place in the stately Canon Caucus Room and for one lovely evening this place of politics transforms into a pampering palace. It becomes, like a salon, the perfect place for comfortable conversation and connection. Serious discussion of tax legislation, school funding concerns and small business challenges were conducted in the midst of manicures and blow-drys. Members of the PBF and the PBA mingled with the invited guests and with each other and I was impressed anew by the level of commitment shown by the volunteers who comprise these organizations.

And then I recalled the Jim Reeves song, "Welcome to My World," because on this night we learned the painful news of Vidal Sassoon’s passing. Gathered together, demonstrating our love for professional beauty and for what it means to us—a livelihood, a passion, a family legacy, a calling, an art—I thought of the man who had done so much to advance our industry and inspire others to do the same. Vidal Sassoon made our world one that everyone would want to visit.

Read more about Welcome to Our World and get involved here:http://probeautyfederation.org/welcome-to-our-world/

Photo Credit: Larry Oskin

Welcome to my world

Won't you come on in

Miracles I guess

Still happen now and then

Step into my heart

Leave your cares behind

Welcome to my world

Built with you in mind

Knock and the door will open

Seek and you will find

Ask and you'll be given

The key to this world of mine

I'll be waiting here

With my arms unfurled

Waiting just for you

Welcome to my world