High-fashion: J. Bentley Studio and Spa

In case the big-wigs behind New York City Fashion Week haven’t
heard, the J. Bentley Studio & Spa, located about 15 miles
northwest of Columbus, Ohio, could give Bryant Park a run for its
money. The 6,000 square-foot space features a 40-seat theater where a
stage and fashion runway regularly play host to models donning local

Owner: John Paton
Location: Powell, Ohio
Opened: September 2007
Total square feet: 6,000
Salon setup: 18 styling stations, 6 treatment rooms, 8 manicure/pedicure stations
Construction time: 10 months
Construction cost: $2 million

Belvedere, Sofa Express 

“We were really looking for that fashion connection,” explains J.
Bentley owner John Paton. “The color, seasons and looks of the fashion
industry had to be part of our design. It was meant to be colorful,
artistic and a little unusual.”

But fashion is just one part of J. Bentley’s design equation.
Technology is also front-and-center in this warm, chai latte-hued
space. After salon clients are coiffed to perfection, stylists take a
digital snapshot of their finished look and store it in their virtual
library. Flat-screen monitors next to each styling station can quickly
recall past looks.

High-fashion: J. Bentley Studio and Spa
Caramel curtains and artisan light fixtures add elegance to the nail spa.

“People love this,” Paton says. “It takes away this myth that the stylist will always remember what you look like.”

Despite the strip-mall setting, Paton and his associates managed to
include posh lounging areas for both male and female clients, in
addition to a sprawling mani-pedi area, a bustling salon floor and, of
course, the theater.

“Our ideas were bigger than the building,” Paton says. “We could’ve easily filled up twice the space.”