This celebrity stylist’s newest venture as creative director for Nexxus Salon Hair Care allows him to use his creativity to help create imagery and product development for the company.
Personal Style: Kevin Mancuso
My style right now:

It’s really just another version
of the style I’ve been
wearing all my life.

My hair right now: Was cut with a Forfex/
Babyliss clipper.

My favorite outfit: 2Xist T-shirt, Naked and
Famous jeans, Mountain
Hardware dragon jacket in
sapphire, Rag & Bone coat
and Red Wing work boots.

My favorite item
in my wardrobe:
Everything I own by the
late Alexander McQueen.

My favorite tool
and product:
Paramont Onyx Blow Dryer
and the new Nexxus Lavish
Body Spray Gel.

The best thing
about my job is:
The people I work with.

The best job i ever
had as a hairdresser:
Working with amazing
actors and musicians.

The best songs on
my iPod:
Are by Tool,
Pearl Jam, Meat Puppets
and Bruce Springsteen.

Most people would
be surprised to
learn that I:
Take more
than 50 vitamins a day.

My secret weapon:
Mousse! It really helps create
hold, texture, volume …
the list goes on and on.

My motto: “Honesty is
the best policy” and “Do
unto others as you would
want them to do unto you.”

My favorite TV show/
I love Nurse Jackie
and Kathy Griffin Live. My
favorite book is As I Lay Dying.