These celebrities are spring-loaded with curls to crave.

HOW-TO: A-List Naturals Part 2TO AND ’FRO>>>

TRY IT: To create jazz bassist and vocalist Esparanza Spalding’s look, Mizani Educator Evie Johnson suggests using Mizani’s Lacers in conjunction with Mizani True Textures Perfect Curl Defining Cream Gel, a lightweight crème-gel that re-energizes natural spirals without build-up. The frizz-taming formula boosts natural “lift” to give lasting curl support, memory and control with a satiny finish.








HOW-TO: A-List Naturals Part 2<<<SPRING THING

TRY IT: “Creating opulent, flowing Botticelli curls, like those on British singer and songwriter Ella Eyre is surprisingly easy,” says Kimberly Heathman, director of marketing for DevaCurl. On damp curls, apply DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam to add volume and shine. Next, apply DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel for definition and hold. Glide both products through the hair, scrunching from ends to roots. Finish with DevaCurl Flexible Hold Hair Spray for soft touchable curls and all day conditioning.



HOW-TO: A-List Naturals Part 2BLOWN AWAY>>>

TRY IT: “In order to achieve the looseness and definition that actress Tracey Ellis Ross wears as her signature style, blow dry natural curls with a thermal core round brush,” says Mitchel Wilson, creative director for Learning Lab 2 for TIGI. First, protect the hair with Catwalk by TIGI’s Blow-Dry Balm. Then set loose curls with a TIGI-Pro Curl wand, mist each section with Catwalk by TIGI Look Lock hairspray and set with the appropriate directional curl with a wand. Finally, break up the curl using a thin coat of Catwalk by TIGI Curl Defining serum and separate the curls framing the face.

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HOW-TO: A-List Naturals

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These celebrities are spring-loaded with curls to crave.
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