Making a client princess (or duchess) for a day is an easy order! Natalia Simmons, guest contributor for, shares a step-by-step guide to the Duchess of Cambridge's signature half-up hairstyle.

Bonus: Simmons says Kate Middleton's look "should take less than 10 minutes to complete" and can work on a variety of hair types, lengths and textures.


STEP 1: It's best to start with mostly straight, smooth hair, but a bit of curl at the bottom, a la Kate.

STEP 2: Tease hair at the crown and back a bit but not all the way to the nape of the neck, just the top. Create a mini bouffant, "like a mini-Snooki pouf," but just at the crown of the head, leaving out the front. Secure with two bobby pins going straight across.

STEP 3: Start on one side and take the front section of hair that you had left out. Pull it back and across, twisting at the end. Secure on the far side.

STEP 4: Repeat step 3 with the remaining side, securing on the opposite side as well.

STEP 5: Returning to the side you started with, take a section of hair from under the first section and pull it over and across, lightly twisting as you go. Secure with a bobby pin on the far side so that the hair is brought all the way over.

STEP 6: Repeat step 5 with the opposite side.

STEP 7: To finish, feel free to fluff, smooth and give a good spray.