THE EVENT: The 4th Dimension two-day hair extravaganza presented by Emiliani Enterprises held in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

THE DETAILS: Top hairdressers offered presentations to the 3,500 salon professionals in attendance at the commercial-free show, including segments by Nicholas French, Robert Cromeans, Michael O’Rourke, Gina Kahn, Rafe Hardy, Jo Blackwell Preston, Phillip Wilson, Tim Hartley, Amit Abraham, Joseph DiMaggio, Boyd Parris, Rocco Vitali and Leonel Rodriquez and Patrick McIvor.

HIGHLIGHTS: Urban Warriors by Nicholas French, a balloon design by Robert Cromeans and a cut on an upside down aerial acrobat by Phillip Wilson represented just a few of the many highlights.

THE LAST WORD: “The show had the impact we were shooting for,” said Andre Chiavelli, Executive Vice President of Sales and Corporate Strategy for Emiliani Enterprises and brainchild of the event he dubbed “The Day of the Hairdresser.” “It was a celebration of the creativity in this industry. We wanted to show the world that the hairdresser is an artist of the highest level—and we succeeded.”