It's a look that ends up sitting in you chair every so often -- the brassy blonde. Helen Erickson, colorist at Sola Salons recently had a client plagued with this exact situation (see picture) so she decided to immediately perform a color correction.

As you can see in the "before", there's unwanted warm tones with level 2-3 outgrowth. Erikson decided to give back her natural hair color level on top and then sombre the hair subtly to the ends, for champagne-blonde results. This is the perfect color look for a dark brunette who wants to try out a level 2-3 blonde without the full commitment. Erickson provides us with her how-to below:

STEP 1: "Fill the hair from the outgrowth, approximately 1-inch away from the scalp, to midway down the lengths. I used Joico Vero Kpak Color. Using 1/2 8cg and 1/2 8G with Vero glaze developer which is a 5-volume. Let the bowl sit/oxidize for five minutes. Then, apply the color and process the hair for 20 minutes. Rinse the hair and follow with a pH-balanced cuticle sealer like Neutralizer by D'cinque."

STEP 2: "Blow dry the hair."

STEP 3: "Apply rom scalp to mid-lengths Beth Minardi Signature Color Demi Creme 5ice with her 5-volume developer."

STEP 4: "Process the hair for 25 minutes. Shampoo with D'cinque Reparative Sulfate-Free Shampoo and seal with a PH balanced cuticle sealer called, Reparative Neutralizer by D'cinque."

STEP 5: "Balayage the hair from the middle to the bottom and a few pieces to the scalp using Joico Vero K-Pak Lightener and Joico K-Pak 20-volume Developer. Lift the hair to a pale yellow/white level 9 blonde. Finish by shampooing with D'cinque Reparative Sulfate-Free Shampoo and I applied the neutralizer again."

STEP 6: "Tone pre-lightened pieces with Joico Vero K-Pak Chrome 1/2 B9 1/2G9 with equal parts 5-volume developer. Let the bowl sit for 5 minutes to oxidize then I applied. Let the hair process for 13 minutes with a cap and no heat. Rinse with cool water and no shampoo. Finish by applying the Neutralizer and D'cinque Super Reconstruct."


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