“Creating the right shape and length for a bob is key to customizing the look for a guest and making it chic,” says Sonna Brado, KMS California Artistic Director from Jaazz Salon (Spokane, WA). Brado focuses on three things:

1.    Fullness is based on face shape, lay the center of a comb vertically on the cheekbone, where the comb lifts away is where the fullness should be.   

2.    Choose the profile line by pulling hair to one side and looking at the shape of the face from a profile view. If you are creating a convex profile, mirror the shape in the back of the head to create balance.

3.     Elongate and slim the neck by choosing the narrowest point to place the line. Take a comb and place it horizontally on the back of the neck, slowly move it up and down until the "sweet spot" is identified.  It’s similar to choosing the length for a skirt, the neck and legs can look slimmer by placing the line at the narrowest point of the neck or leg.

HOW-TO: Choosing the Right Length and Profile Shape for a Bob