So who can you turn to when you need serious hair help? Salon industry icon Ivan Zoot has
introduced his new website, this past February with it’s personalized Ask Zoot!
feature. The tab allows consumers and hairdressers to get custom answers to their most challenging
hair questions directly from Zoot himself.

  “The website allows hairdressers to be able to ask their questions 24
hours, 365 days a year,” says Zoot. “In no other industry am I aware of
that people can get access to senior management and get their questions

Zoot is the Director of Education and Customer Engagement for the Andis Company, where he identifies, recruits, trains and manages Andis’ team of educators. He also travels the globe sharing his hair cutting,
styling education and salon industry business building concepts with
licensed beauty professionals. He holds three Guiness world haircutting
records for world's fastest haircut (55 sec), most haircuts in one hour
(34), and most haircuts in 24 hours (340).
 Ivan Zoot

As of now, Zoot receives about five questions a day and answers are given within three hours of
submission. Zoot says he has answered 65 to 75 questions since the website’s launch. Question
topics have ranged from hair challenges to personal inquires about Zoot’s new product line, Zoot!
Hair Care. Now visitors to his website can also watch “Ivan Zoot’s Top Five Tips” video series on
the Zoot! Hair YouTube channel.

  Zoot! Hair Products