What’s the most dazzling holiday accessory that clients can sport? Great nails, says OPI Executive VP and Artistic Director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. Not only is a trendy nail lacquer the quickest way to update a holiday look, it’s also a “touch” that even budget-trimming clients can embrace.

Affordable Splurges

“Fabulous nails plus a few key accessories will keep clients in the holiday picture with style,” Weiss-Fischmann says. Although customers may be cutting back on pricey extras she adds, “A manicure is still one of the most affordable luxuries today—and changing nail color really can change a look!” Not only are manicures cost-effective, they’re also time-sensitive. In less than an hour, your client is relaxed, pampered and flawlessly groomed.

Holiday Hues

With clients depending on perfectly polished fingers and toes for their holiday style, it’s important to keep shelves stocked with the most up-to-date colors. This season, Weiss-Fischmann suggests rich plums; deep, dark tones; glimmering neutrals and festive reds. They’re all available in OPI’s Holiday Wishes collection, which Weiss-Fischman created especially for on-trend holiday looks.

And just when you thought nails couldn’t get any more tantalizing, get ready for Weiss-Fischmann’s pick of the season—the darkest shade of green. She dubs it “the new black” and reveals that top beauty editors are head-over-heels for the delicious, dark emerald Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow nail lacquer that is part of OPI’s Fall/Winter Colección de España. And no matter which dark hue your client chooses, Weiss-Fischmann suggests the universally flattering squoval-shaped nail (square with slightly rounded edges.) She adds, “Dark tones especially look best on shorter nails.”

Mood Alteration

This beautiful squoval-shaped nail is enhanced with two coats of Shim-merry Chic lacquer and a touch of Holiday Glow on the tips only.
Pretty and Polished
This dark emerald shade is “the new black” for holiday nails.

In fashion, one of the most significant trends is a growing refusal to mourn the struggling economy any longer. We’ve all had enough talk of troubled times, and as a reflection of that shifting mood, fashion runways are awash with what Weiss-Fischmann calls “bright optimistic colors including pops of bold fuchsia, ultra violet and orange.” How do nails accessorize these vibrant shades? “In vivid pinks and berries; passionate reds; and rich plums,” she says. Even if the economy takes its time turning around, persuade clients to pick up an eye-popping nail shade to promote a positive outlook on the future.

Sell Through

As your clients leave the salon in high spirits (they’ve just had a fantastic nail treatment, after all), promote great holiday items in your retail section. Weiss-Fischmann suggests offering either pre-packaged or custom-made holiday gift promotions, and emphasizes the importance of packaging. A well-placed ribbon or sheet of tissue paper can go a long way! Advertising holiday-themed gift certificates for your salon services is another great attention-grabber. She adds, “Don’t forget to pamper your clients!” She recommends offering complimentary holiday refreshments or sending off each client with a little gift. OPI’s Salon Client Gifts, which are mini-sizes of four OPI Nail Treatments—each come dressed up with a special holiday tag.