Sometimes you just hit everything right. The ever fabulous Duffy had a rare few minutes free while waiting for his next model to arrive to prep for the Custo Barcelona SS2014 collection presented at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC. Modern happened to stop by and he said "I will give you my only interview, but just one question each". Alison Shipley and I jumped on it. We made him sit down to make sure he couldn't/wouldn't run away so easily.

After sharing the details for the look for the collection ("It's young, effortless and wearable"), he chats about texture and how he gets there...using Oribe products. "The look transcends every generation and works with jeans and gowns. There are  three textures, a hard front hairline, broken and raw texture in the middle and an intricate knotted bun in the back. Three techniques. It's all about texture and effortless beauty."

Alison then asked Duffy to share some advice to new beauty school grads: "Its persistence, determination and passion. The world is a lot smaller today with social media. The creative world has another outlet and you can find where you belong more easily." Great advice to ALL.

After a shout out to Vidal Sassoon, Duffy had to get busy. It was a thrill and a highlight for both of us.