Do the same color challenges vex you on a monthly basis? Do new staffers ask the same question so often, you know the answer verbatim? Top educators know all about it. Each time they teach haircolor, the same questions arise.

So we decided to ask them, “What’s the question you’re asked most often when teaching, and what’s the definitive answer?”

From great gray coverage to preventing fade to fighting brass, we’ve got the hottest color FAQs and the answers you need to know.

Share them with your staffers today, tackle then one-by-one in a staff meeting, or incorporate them into your training program. You’ll have gone a long way to boosting higher learning.

How can I keep reds vibrant and stop fading?

How can I keep clients happy, but still introduce new techniques?

How can I get coverage on clients with resistant gray?

What is the best way to formulate?

How do I create an ombre or sombre look for my clients?

What process should I use to go more than 2 levels darker?

What's a low-maintenance way to cover gray?

How do I get a natural-blonde look around the face?

How do I prevent color from looking red-ish or brassy?

Should I use vertical, horizontal or diagonal placements?

How do I keep fashion colors from fading?


How do I achieve a natural-looking, sun-kissed blonde?

How do I prevent hair color from fading so fast?

How do I set color expectations if hair is too opaque or dark?

How can I use fewer foils and still have color with impact?

How do I get great gray coverage?


How do I prevent dark bands?