About 62 million American women
are home hair-color users, 25 million are
dual salon/home users and, according to
Mintel market research, last year, of 1,000
women surveyed who got salon color, 15
percent shifted to doing it themselves.
To address the elephant in the room,
Lauren Gartland, founder of Inspiring
Champions, a beauty industry business training
company, suggests using creative,
targeted promotions.

Show photographs in your salon’s window of common home
hair-color mistakes, such as a brassy blonde or a too-dark brunette,
and hightlight your color correction services, says Gartland.
In press releases, window signs and more, invite women to bring
in an unused, boxed color kit for a $10 or a 20-percent discount
on their color service. Or, if they’ve already colored their hair and
botched the job, have them bring in the used box for a similar
discount on fixing it. If they’ve already thrown the box away, offer
the discount if they pose for before and after photos, and give
you usage rights for future promotions.