Joico Senior Vice President and General Manager Sara Jones was recently named the recipient of the 2011 Spirit of Life Award by the City of Hope. A long-time supporter of City of Hope, she has announced the proceeds from the Spirit of Life Awards dinner in 2011 will be earmarked for women’s cancer research and care. Jones talked to MODERN about one of her other passions— best practices for staying green.

into creating environmentally
friendly packaging?

Sara Jones: We use new blow-molding
techniques to produce state-of-
the-art packaging that contains up
to 70-percent post-consumer recycled
(PCR) materials. In addition, all Joico
and ISO hair color and permanent
wave packaging is manufactured with
100-percent PCR.

MS: What actions does Joico take to be greener?

SJ: We are respectful to our community and our environment.
Here are a couple measures we’ve developed in order
to reduce our carbon footprint:

Water Conservation: Our new waste-water treatment
strategy program eliminates additional chemical treatment
requirements from our waste stream.

Transportation Conservation: By revamping scheduling
and routing, we are able to save more than 40,000 gallons
of fuel! In total, these efforts are equivalent to removing
500 vehicles from the road.

MS: What should salons do to be more sustainable? What can stylists personally do
to educate their clients on what their salon is doing for the environment?

SJ: They can recycle all plastics, color tubes and cartons; install high-efficiency windows; reduce
or increase thermostat and temperature within the salon, partner with local businesses to develop
a community sustainability program or educate salon teams on all sustainable programs—just to
name a few.

MS: How do you encourage your employees to be more conscious of the
environment at work?

SJ: We provide comprehensive training in areas of Six Sigma Methodology, promote education
through the corporate Education Assistance Program, we partner with local colleges and universities,
and we offer scholarships to children of employees who are graduating seniors from high
school. By partnering with local organizations, Zotos, Joico and ISO have contributed up to $50,000
to better serve the community.

Five Questions for Sara Jones
Sara Jones, Vice President and General Manager of Joico.