NAHA Fashion Forward Winner Faatemah Ampey has not slowed down since her big win in July. The girl who won over the hearts of stylists when she thanked Johnny Depp in her NAHA acceptance speech, “just because,” just landed a job as emcee at the ISSE International Fashion Theater January 30-February 1, 2010 in Long Beach, California and is looking forward to her first MODERN SALON photo shoot.

A Chat with Faatemah Ampey, NAHA Winner
Faatemah Ampey

We chatted with Ampey about her success:

MODERN: Tell us about your job as emcee at the ISSE International Fashion Theater.
Ampey: I believe I was selected because of my infectious personality. I always bring the party! I will be there to encourage others to aspire to win NAHA. I was a single parent who started in the kitchen. I am an example of what dedication to the trade can bring.

MODERN: What else have you been up to since your big NAHA win?  
Ampey: Winning NAHA has had an amazing impact on my career.  I have received e-mails and phone calls from all over the world, which has kept me very busy. I’ve been doing numerous shoots for magazines, both in front and behind the camera, educational/inspirational appearances for several schools and, of course, I’m preparing for my next NAHA entry. You definitely haven’t seen the last of me—it is great to be an award-winning stylist!

MODERN: How do you want to inspire up and coming stylists?  
Ampey: Success does not happen overnight. I’ve devoted 16 years to this love affair with hair and fashion.  I would encourage them to stay focused and definitely stay the course.  If this is your passion, you have to be dedicated to it. And don’t forget the power of attitude, it’s an important factor in one’s success in life as well. I believe my attitude has earned me a lot more than my talent!
MODERN: What are your plans for your upcoming MODERN SALON shoot?  
Ampey: I would love to do a collection inspired by what I call Urban Couture. Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, and Beyonce are perfect examples of the collection I’d like to create for MODERN. They wear big, beautiful over-the-top hair that still has a street edge, but their wardrobe screams couture.