In 2010, Lindsey Marie Venable entered her school competition with
hopes of being chosen to represent Pivot Point International at The
North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) for the year. Out of three campus
locations, she was the only student chosen. “I was so grateful that my hard
work had paid off but I had no idea what
kind of other opportunities a competition
like this would bring for me,” she says.

Shortly afterward, she was able to have
her looks photographed by fashion and
beauty photographer Babak and was invited
to attend the NAHA ceremony in Las
Vegas. One of Venable’s photos was even
turned into a poster and displayed at the
Pivot Point Corporate office in Evanston, Illinois, to promote services.

“I love all aspects of being a stylist,” she says. “I’d say my ultimate passion
is updos. I like how I can manipulate the hair.

“My goal for the future is to love what I do. Whatever it may be, I want to
be in a position where I am challenging myself and becoming better at my
profession everyday.”

Hair: Lindsey Marie Venable

Photography: Babak