renew how-to: Anti-Aging Target

Solutions Facial

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target conditions: Normal, sensitive, couperose and

hyperpigmented skin.

service summary:

1. Cleanse face with Calming Chamomile Cleanser. Apply warm wet towels to open pores.

2. Perform extractions; tone with Chinese Tea Facial Rinse.

3. Mix Calming Serum and Chinese Tea Night Crème and massage into skin for 10 minutes.

4. Mix Enzymatic Powder & Activator Gel; apply to skin for 10 minutes and remove with warm water.

5. Apply Calming Gel Masque, massage for 1 minute, leave on for 5 minutes, remove with warm water. Tone skin again with Chinese Tea Facial Rinse.

6. Apply Brightening Eye Gel to entire eye area, and

Lip Correcting Concentrate to lip area.

7. Apply Wrinkle Filler to targeted areas and Brightening Essence to hyperpigmentation. Finish facial by applying Calming Chamomile Day Lotion.

recommended pricing strategy: $85-$105

treatment duration: 45-55 minutes