Though junior high days are long behind you, leadership coach Tim Sanders confirms that one truth still remains: "Life is a popularity contest," he told the audience at ISPA conference last fall. "Your job is to get people to listen to you, respect you, believe you."

    How can you accomplish this? By just being likeable, writes Sanders in his book The Likeability Factor. Defined simply as "the consistent ability to produce positive emotional experiences in other people," likeability, asserts Sanders, can not only help you succeed in business, but it can improve almost every aspect of your personal life.

an l-factor self assessment

Everyone has an L-Factor (from 1-9) that helps to measure your likeability with others. The higher your L-Factor, the greater your chance for success, health and happiness. Rate how often these things are true for you, according to the key, add them up and divide by 10. Your average score is your L-Factor.

0=Never     2=Rarely     5=Occasionally    7=Often    10=Daily

Likeability aspects:                              

1. I smile often and have a pleasant tone of voice.          

2. I maintain a positive, optimistic attitude even when things are going very badly.      

3. People tell me their problems because I am approachable and a good listener.      

4. I build other people's self-confidence and make them feel good about themselves.      

5. I have a unique ability to help others accomplish their tasks and reach their dreams. I am very helpful.       

6. Others see me as completely honest, trustworthy, sincere and genuine.      

7. I am very skilled at being sensitive and understanding of other people's thoughts, feelings and experiences.      

8. I feel happy and peaceful on the inside and it shows clearly on the outside.      

9. I connect with others' interests such as hobbies, hometowns and affiliations. I love to talk about them.       

10. People see me as relaxed and easy to get along with.                                                                                            


Total Likeability Score (subtotal/10)


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