Amanda Iqbal of La Relance Salon in Glencoe, Ill., used Aveda products to create polished, sophisticated looks "for a generation looking for silver screen style," she says.

Look 1: Laura, Prêt-à-Porter en Rouge 
"When people think of a coloured redhead, they think 'shocking,'" Iqbal says. "When we think of red, we think of harmony. A collaboration of warm and cool tones to reflect a perfect combination of light and dark variation. We wanted to invoke feelings of excitement, tranquility, and sophistication."

Look 2: Scott, Prêt-à-Porter en Blond Platine
"When we think of a perfect blond, images of the silver screen flood our minds," Iqbal says. "The unobtainable star with the perfect coiffed hair. The ultra-icy white hair captures his sky blue eyes and chiseled features. We wanted to create an attitude with his sexy style.

Hair: Amanda Iqbal, Michael Apodaca and Dana Wexler
Make-up: Dana Wexler
Styling: Amanda Iqbal
Photography: Luke Schneider