The Masters Collection merges the simple concept of black and white to illustrate that there are two sides to every story. Inspired by the distinct clothing of Project Runway season 6 contestant Christopher Straub and the Scruples Design Team, the hair captures two universal moods we all identify with.

The white wardrobe and nude make-up reveals a soft-spoken side. These looks embrace an elegance that is powerful without being forced. The hair is full of soft movement with minimal volume and color.

Meanwhile, the black bluntly articulates the rebellious side within. With matte texture and over the top volume, the same color now takes a life of its own. Together, they tell the whole story.


Styling: Scruples Design Team

Hair cut & Color: Scruples Design Team

Make-up: Heather Mora

Photography: Melanie Watson

Wardrobe: Christopher Straub