Wendee Hanlon of Nico Bella Salon begged her client, Karen—who is in her 60s and had been perming and coloring her 100% gray hair for more than 25 years—to let her do proper corrective color on her.

Hanlon says she has only been permitted to trim Karen's hair the three appointments that Karen has been with Hanlon as a stylist, so Hanlon says she "wasn't going to let her go without doing her color" during the most recent appointment.

After a little bit of pleading and offering the services for free, Karen agreed to let Hanlon give her a "real" cut and style in addition to corrective color.

"It was a challenge for me as a stylist, and I wanted to give her the gift of gorgeous hair," Hanlon says. "Most of all, I wanted to prove to her the difference between home hair and salon hair."


STEP 1: Heavy weave fine & medium sections of Wella Blondor with 30 volume and Olaplex #1.

STEP 2: Between foils at roots only, use Wella Koleston 66/0 and 20 volume.

STEP 3: On midlengths to ends: Equal parts of Wella Color Touch 6/77 and 1.9%.

STEP 4: Deep condition with Olaplex #2.




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